Lisa-Ann Barnes

Lisa-Ann Barnes

Adjunct Professor

School of Professional Studies

Northwestern University


Lisa-Ann Barnes is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and is involved in project management as both a practitioner and faculty. She is an experienced consultant passionate about improving how projects are managed by organizations, teams, and people. Lisa-Ann works with organizations to assess pain points, identify solutions, and implement changes to how projects are identified, prioritized, planned, and monitored. She also works with individuals to improve their skills in project management and leadership through on-site, on-line, and hybrid training and coaching programs. Lisa-Ann has been managing projects and programs since the early 1990’s, managing projects and programs of different sizes (budget up to $1 million, up to 60 team members), varying locations (co-located, hybrid, remote), various compositions (single function, cross-functional, contractors, vendors, partners), and various industries. She continues to refine the tools and techniques she uses to meet the challenges and needs of today’s projects. Lisa-Ann believes that projects are successful because of the people involved, and that the role of a project manager is to support, serve, and lead the project team. She also believes that project managers are successful when they right-size the project management methods, tools, and techniques to meet the unique needs of the project and team. Lisa-Ann reflects these beliefs in her project management methodology, templates, and training programs.


  • Client/Server and Beyond: Strategies for the 21st Century, authors Lisa-Ann Barnes and David Shimberg. Published by Prentice Hall.

  • Outstanding Faculty, Northwestern University School of Professional Studies

  • Outstanding Faculty, Lorman Seminars