Josh Gridley

Josh Gridley


Software Engineering

University of Texas at Arlington


Joshua Gridley is a recent graduate from North Forney High School (2019), resulting in number 20 in his class. During his high school career, Joshua studied in areas of engineering and design, while also working on his leadership skills. His first major accomplishment in leadership was a club he founded and became president of; the North Forney High School Esports Club. With close mentorship from his teachers and influencers already in the industry, he led the club to a successful start in his Sophomore year in 2017.

During Joshua's Junior year in 2018, he was admitted into the nation's first student-led administration program at Forney ISD named Synergy. Within this program, students would work side-by-side with district administration to develop projects that would benefit those in the city and the district. Joshua found incredible potential for esports, believing that esports was a enjoyable medium to teach students soft skills that they wouldn't be able to learn within normal classroom settings. The district, being a strong advocate for the development of soft skills and Joshua, trusted his vision and allowed him to work on the idea he was passionate for. Joshua would go on to branch the club into the sister high school in the district, Forney High School, allowing many more students the opportunity to develop skills essential to their futures.

After this expansion took place, Joshua was hired by the school district to write high school curricula for a semester's worth of Computer Science classes. This experience gave him the skills and drive needed to create the esports curricula and books needed for his newly found position in EsportsAcademics. After fulfilling his duties at Forney ISD, Joshua went on to attend the University of Texas at Arlington to study Software Engineering. He was elected for a position within their esports club as the Assistant Programs Director for a semester, with the following being the Vice President of Competitive the next.