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Access Alliance for Education releases a new ebook and online course: Project Management for Team Members

Targeting individuals working on project teams, this ebook and online course enables project team members to understand their roles as team members and be more effective at fulfilling their project responsibilities, while providing a resource for project managers who want to improve their interactions with team members.

January 15, 2020 – In partnership with Blue Pontoon Publishing and author Lisa-Ann Barnes, Access Alliance for Education, a coursework accelerator, is proud to release the ebook and online course Project Management for Team Members, the first in a series of ebooks and online courses focused on project management.

There are many books on how to be a project manager, but there aren’t many books or courses on how to be an effective project team member. People are not typically trained on how to be an effective project team member, and thus they (or the project) are not set up to be successful. Project Management for Team Members is intended to fill this gap. It contains the information project team members need to interact with the project manager and to work together as successful participants in the project management process.

Project team members have an important role in helping to drive the project to success and contributing to the organizations’ desired outcomes and goals. They need to deliver their assigned tasks by the specified dates, share progress information, and collaborate with other team members. They need to participate in project planning activities, help manage project scope, and identify and escalate action items. They need to communicate effectively with the project manager, pushing information in a timely manner.

This book and online course provides the project management skills needed to be a proactive team member: understanding the desired outcome of the project, prioritizing work appropriately, understanding the nuances of the project plans, and being a more effective problem-solver. The book/online course provides best practices and techniques for the project team member to:

      • Provide input to the project schedule.
      • Articulate potential conflicts between assigned project tasks and other responsibilities.
      • Estimate work.
      • Assess and communicate the progress of work.
      • Escalate action items and respond to change requests.
      • Solve problems, collaborate, and communicate effectively with fellow team members.

Project Management for Team Members is intended for:

      • Individuals new to working on projects who want to understand their role as project team member,
      • Project team members who want to be more effective at fulfilling their responsibilities,
      • Project managers who want to improve how they communicate expectations to their team members.

The book/online course can be read or taken by an individual at their own pace, by each team member as part of a project kick-off phase, or in a cohort as part of a training course, general employee onboarding, or development program.

Project Management for Team Members can also be used in a college course to provide students the skills they need to be an effective team member when they are completing group activities, capstone projects, or preparing for an internship.

This digital book/online course presents content through readings, videos, and podcasts, and reinforces the learning through self-checks and self-reflections. Templates for common project team member activities are available via download.

Chapters/Sections include:

      • Introduction
      • Project Management Overview
      • Participating in Scoping
      • Participating in Planning
      • Completing Project Assignments
      • Closing Out Your Time on the Project
      • Conclusion
      • Appendices: Glossary and Templates

“As project managers, we expect a lot from our team members. However, based on what I’ve seen in my 25 years as a project manager, we don’t do a very good job telling them what we expect,“ stated author Lisa-Ann Barnes. “My goal with this book and online course is to provide team members practical, applicable insights and tools to meet those expectations. I want them to engage with the readings, videos, and podcasts so they build their skills and can work effectively with their project managers on day one. I also hope that project managers will use this book and course to hold solid conversations with their team members on what they expect from them throughout the project.”

“Bringing this team member perspective to the project management process is a unique way to begin this series of ebooks and online courses focused on project management. We feel this book and course is a great starting point for every individual involved in a project.” adds Dan Linville, Partner and Executive Vice President of Access Alliance for Education. “The book and course have the learner in mind at all times by providing appropriate content for all levels of project team members, whether in an academic or professional setting.”

“Our partnership with Blue Pontoon and Lisa-Ann adds to our overall commitment as a coursework accelerator”, adds John Hillsman, Partner and CEO, Access Alliance for Education. “ We look forward to bringing Project Management for Team Members, the additional books and courses in this outstanding project management series, as well as other business related books and courses from Lisa-Ann and Blue Pontoon to learners everywhere.”

The value focused suggested retail pricing for the eBook only is $39.95 and the course is priced at $125.00 per student.

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About Lisa-Ann Barnes:

Lisa-Ann Barnes is an award-winning (Outstanding Faculty) adjunct professor in the School of Professional Studies at Northwestern University and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Lisa-Ann is involved in project management as both a practitioner and educator. She is an experienced consultant passionate about improving how projects are managed by organizations, teams, and people. Lisa-Ann works with organizations to assess pain points, identify solutions, and implement changes to how projects are identified, prioritized, planned, and monitored. She also works with individuals to improve their skills in project management and leadership through on-site, on-line, and hybrid training and coaching programs. Lisa-Ann has been managing projects and programs since the early 1990’s, managing projects and programs of different sizes (budget up to $1 million, up to 60 team members), varying locations (co-located, hybrid, remote), various compositions (single function, cross-functional, contractors, vendors, partners), and various industries. She continues to refine the tools and techniques she uses to meet the challenges and needs of today’s projects. Lisa-Ann believes that projects are successful because of the people involved, and that the role of a project manager is to support, serve, and lead the project team. She also believes that project managers are successful when they right-size the project management methods, tools, and techniques to meet the unique needs of the project and team. Lisa-Ann reflects these beliefs in her project management methodology, templates, and training programs.

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BluePontoon publishes just-in-time micro-learning resources for project professionals. Our catalog will include resources on project management, communication, leadership, team-building and effectiveness, and collaboration. Our resources are developed by experts in their field, supported by experts in eLearning. We provide content and tools that are to the point, practical, and applicable to the work you do right now. By using different formats - video, audio, reading, and discussions, we get you the information you need in the ways you best learn.

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