Mosley, Intro to Cultural Competence

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is proud to announce the release of a new ebook and coursework:

Introduction to Cultural Competence

February 21, 2022 – In partnership with author Dr. Jacquelyn Mosley, Professor of Human Development & Family Sciences at the University of Arkansas, Access Alliance for Education is proud to introduce this new and exciting offering in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Space.

Publication/Coursework Overview

"Introduction to Cultural Competence " is an introductory textbook/coursework that was written to provide an introduction to cultural competence. The book/coursework is broken into video chapters that focus on the five developmental orientations of cultural competence, based on the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). The videos utilize voices of how students define and create cultural competence in their communities. The videos and coursework are appropriate for high school and college campus initiatives and classes, organization, corporate and community training.

This book/coursework was written to provide an introduction to cultural competence. This can be a web-based course, which utilizes reading assignments, electronic media, internet references, and directed learning activities; these are utilized to enhance the learner’s cultural competence. This coursework has been developed and vetted via ten years of teaching, and this curriculum is based on the Intercultural Development framework, which focuses on 3 major steps: (1) Developing deep cultural awareness, (2) Learning about differences and similarities, and (3) Experiencing differences and similarities.

By engaging in these three steps throughout this coursework, Mosley enables the learners to significantly increase their cultural competence. Cultural competence is a journey, not an event, and this coursework provides skills, concepts and lessons one can apply throughout their life.

The author Jacquelyn Mosley states, “This course utilizes the framework of the Intercultural Development Inventory where students will be able to learn about their own identities and communities, to learn about identities and communities different from their own, and to learn about experiences and ways they can engage with diverse individuals and communities, to become more culturally competent.”

“Professor Mosley has used the experience she accrued teaching this course to make a roadmap of resources to help instructors and students become more culturally competent. We are excited to offer these materials and resources where attention to DEI needs to be placed during these times.” said Dan Linville, Partner and Executive Vice President of Access Alliance for Education.

The value focused suggested retail pricing for the eBook/coursework only is $49.95 per student.

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