April 8, 2021 - CSL Esports, operators of North America's largest collegiate esports league, is partnering with Access Alliance for Education (AA4E), a leading developer, supplier, and publisher of esports curriculum and career pathways coursework.

Access Alliance for Education will become the provider of esports curriculum, esports career pathways workshops, modular coursework, and STEM education solutions for CSL Esports, who will become the provider of esports business services to Access Alliance for Education.

The partnership enables educational institutions to quickly develop and establish esports ecosystems to foster leadership, teamwork, inclusiveness, and community within their organizations. Through this partnership, educational institutions will immediately possess three key components necessary for esports success: expanded network for esports student clubs and communities to compete; expanded esports curriculum and esports career pathways workshops and coursework; and higher competitive varsity team league play.

The AA4E/CSL Esports partnership will also help schools establish and develop strong academically focused esports clubs/community organizations, develop and offer over 20 full high school CTE aligned esports courses, offer more than 30 esports workshops to esports clubs/team organizations, create academic and technology-focused state-wide/national esports leagues, foster an esports and STEM career opportunities pipeline from high school to college to professional.

“We are looking forward to this exclusive relationship with CSL Esports and working with them to introduce high school and college students to career pathways and curriculum within the rapidly growing esports industry,” said John Hillsman, CEO/Partner of Access Alliance for Education. “We are greatly impressed by the focus CSL Esports places on education and academics as a central part of their growth plan going forward and are proud to partner with them to achieve this goal.”

“At CSL Esports, we provide life-changing opportunities in education through esports,” said Rob Johnson, CEO, CSL Esports. “We also look for partners like Access Alliance for Education to help us further our mission by showcasing the proper learning infrastructure that creates numerous opportunities for students to achieve a higher education and greater success in life through esports.”

About Access Alliance for Education

Access Alliance for Education (AA4E) is a leading developer, publisher and supplier of esports curriculum, esports career pathways workshops, modular coursework and STEM education solutions. AA4E is an independent, value-focused learning accelerator. AA4E works with educational institutions to help accelerate learning by partnering with unique content, resource and solution providers.

About CSL Esports

CSL Esports provides turnkey solutions for schools and students to compete and learn valuable skills in the rapidly expanding esports industry. Since 2009 CSL Esports has been one of North America’s largest collegiate esports business with hundreds of participating schools, providing over $1 million in scholarships and partnering with over 1,800 educational institutions under its premier tournament series, Collegiate StarLeague. www.cslesports.com

Learn more about Access Alliance for Education at: https://www.accessalliance.education


CONTACT: Ike Richman