Access Alliance for Education partners with EsportsAcademics on development of Esports Curriculum for High Schools and Higher Education Institutions

Innovative curriculum is planned to allow students to explore and prepare for careers within the exploding esports industry.

APEX, N.C. June 10, 2020 -- In partnership with EsportsAcademics, Access Alliance for Education (AA4E), has begun development of a curriculum geared towards the growing esports industry.

EsportsAcademics, a company formed by experienced esports industry experts and curriculum developers will develop the curriculum. The first four modules in development will focus on an introduction to esports; esports skills, strategies, and analysis; enterprise and entrepreneurship within the esports industry; and health, well being and fitness for esports players. It is anticipated these first four learning modules will be available prior to the Fall 2020 semester, with Access Alliance for Education providing the platform for all learning resources and tools for educational institutions.

“We look forward to our partnership with Access Alliance for Education as they provide us the platform for individuals to learn more about the esports industry within education,” stated George Cork, Co-Founder of EsportsAcademics.”The esports industry is growing at a substantial rate year on year so we look forward to providing industry expertise and insight within the educational industry.”

"We've worked with many e-learning groups in the past and I can say with ease that Access Alliance for Education provides our team with exactly what we need to produce great coursework," said Christian Gross, Operations Director, US. “This partnership is indicative of our commitment to producing the best education content for institutional clients s and to creating pathways for students into the esports industry.”

“We are looking forward to seeing what EsportsAcademics develops as a solution in training for the esport market.” adds Dan Linville, Partner and Executive Vice President of Access Alliance for Education. “This industry is growing at light speed, and it is exciting to participate in its grassroots effort in education.”

“This partnership will provide knowledge and preparation for learners interested in a potential career in esports and we are excited to partner with EsportsAcademics to provide curriculum for this exponentially growing industry,” adds John Hillsman, Partner and CEO, Access Alliance for Education. “It provides another example of how we strive to work with instructors, departments and institutions to help accelerate the learning process by partnering with unique, value-focused, content and solution providers.”

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