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These FREE esports video workshops help learners improve their knowledge, skills and experiences in esports and provide an understanding of esports career pathways within their standard academiccoursework. They are built for  use within existing higher education academic coursework. These video workshops vary in length based on how each instructor wants to use them within their courses.

In addition, they can also serve as complimentary video programming/content/activities around and within esports events, showcases, and/or tournaments. They can also provide additional educational video content and programming within esports clubs, esports organizations, or esports team meetings and events.

All workshops contain video content only. 

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The 5 Pillars of Health

Building habits in five key areas is more valuable to game readiness than endless hours at the console.

Promo Video

This workshop was developed to provide a general overview of the key components involved when stablishing a scholastic esports club and community. Templates are provided to help jump start the planning and execution process to getting the club off the ground.

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FREE Video - Benefits of Esports (Parents/Educators/Administrators) 

This short video helps illustrate the benefits of esports for students. The information provided helps parents get an understanding of these benefits. Additionally, the information can assist scholastic esports organizations with their outreach to administrators and parents/guardians of esports athletes and enthusiasts.


ESPT 101  Introduction to Esports

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ESPT 201 Contemporary Issues in Esports

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This introductory course will provide a thorough understanding of the esports industry and ecosystem globally. Students will gain knowledge around the  classification of esports around the world, global bodies and organizations that are involved in esports and the history behind them. The course also includes the potential career pathways that are available within the esports industry. 

ESP 201 Entrepreneurship in Esports

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How to Create and Monetize Video Content

New Media literacy matters in a digital social era where 75% of young people want to become brands, influencers, and content creators, and 25% of millennials would quit their day job to be famous. For media and non-media majors, this course details how to improve your digital identity, become visible to 21st Century employers, and win the job race before you even graduate. In our collective experience as New Media professors, consultants, authors and bloggers, we have identified the steps that lead directly to online video success. This course details those steps. We’re going to show how to make videos and video series that generate so much excitement, your bodyguard will need a bodyguard. From brainstorming killer concepts right through to building your personal brand and cashing in on paid production and distribution opportunities, learn how NOT to get lost in the vast wasteland of mediocre content that gets uploaded to YouTube every day.


This coursework provides an introduction to cultural competence. The course is broken into video segments that focus on the five developmental orientations of cultural competence, based on the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). The videos utilize voices of how students define and create cultural competence in their communities. These videos are appropriate for high school and college campus initiatives and classes, organization, and community trainings. 


Stemify helps esports students diagnose, remediate and accelerate their learning in mathematics. Stemify enables students looking at an esports related career develop the foundational mathematics knowledge to handle esports related coursework. Stemify is a student first, science based approach which meets students where they want to learn - on their digital devices! 

Developed within the Mathematics Department at the University of Connecticut, Stemify is a value focused solution that assists students in the their foundational mathematics development from basic algebra through precalculus. It is the perfect addition to any esports curriculum.

Stemify's mission is to achieve greater equality, diversity and success in esports/STEM for the students of our world.