ProjectSet for Employers

Introducing ProjectSet!

The simple platform for employers to set up virtual internships, hackathons, and university partnered projects to recruit more students!

Headquartered in London, ProjectSet has already connected students from over 180 universities around the globe to over 300 projects in just the last 18 months. Access Alliance for Education is proud to introduce it to employers of all sizes in the North American market.

ProjectSet is a platform for finding and working virtually with the best students and recent graduates, with the brightest ideas.

You can recruit, onboard and run your internship all virtually through the tools on our platform.

It takes a few minutes to create the internship post and then you can sit back and watch the applications roll in.

You can quickly compare students’ profiles, including their CVs, Portfolios and Video Profiles.

A virtual hackathon is an online event to crowdsource innovative ideas and solutions to a specific problem from a large and diverse population. It allows you to cherry-pick winning ideas and concepts in a time and cost efficient way.

With our platform, any employer or educator in any country can set-up a virtual hackathon in less than 30 minutes and at a fractional cost of a traditional hackathon – and yet reach 10x participants*.

A virtual hackathon can be run in one or two stages based on the number of participants and complexity of the topic. You can include mentors, workshops, keynotes and pitching sessions to drive engagement.

It has never been easier to set-up a virtual hackathon.

Virtual University (Uni) Course Projects are set up by Educators to enable students to apply specific concepts or theories to solve a real-world problem. Students work mostly in teams under the guidance of the educators to earn credits, as a part of a course-curriculum.

However, educators are increasingly involving employers in these projects; for employers, it offers an opportunity to strengthen the employer brand, connect and assess student talent and potentially update knowledge and insights on deep technical topics.

With ProjectSet, you can now engage with course projects efficiently with the best-fit university programs – irrespective of their location and distance. You will typically be required to commit 2-4 hours a month over a 3-4 month period to mentor students through technical insights and feedback.

For many employers, this offers an effective way to inform and influence the curriculum scope to align with the future talent needs of specific sectors. If there is a particular project you have in mind, we can help you network with universities to get the project up and running with their students.

Benefits for Employers

  • Extend the geographical reach of your internship/recruiting programs to find the best-fit talent wherever they are

  • Work with students who are super motivated for the opportunity to gain real work experience

  • Gather ideas and viewpoints from motivated, independent talent

  • Hire interns year-round, rather than only when students are out of school

  • Outsource work on a project-basis rather than committing to a full-time hire

  • Build your employer brand

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Employer Semester License

(Unlimited Projects and Unlimited Students for six months)


To request more information or a product demonstration of ProjectSet, please CONTACT US.