STEM & Other Coursework Solution Partners

As a leading provider of unique educational content, resources, tools and solutions, Access Alliance for Education has partnered with best of breed providers to bring their expertise and experience into specific instructor, department, and institutional initiatives based on our client partners' needs.

Welcoming our newest Solution Provider in July 2023.  Wisedoc uses AI in their Resume Builder to offer a wide range of professionally designed templates tailored specifically for students. These templates are optimized to highlight their skills, education, and accomplishments effectively.  Wisedoc analyzes job descriptions and suggests relevant keywords to optimize the resume for applicant tracking systems (ATS). By incorporating these keywords, students can increase their chances of passing initial screening stages.  The AI-powered algorithms provide real-time suggestions to enhance the content of each resume section. It helps students articulate their achievements, responsibilities, and skills with precise language, boosting their resume's impact.


Stemify helps students diagnose, remediate and accelerate their learning in mathematics. Stemify enables students looking at a STEM related career develop the foundational mathematics knowledge to handle STEM related coursework. Stemify is a student first, science based approach which meets students where they want to learn - on their digital devices!

Developed within the Mathematics Department at the University of Connecticut, Stemify is a value focused solution that assists students in the their foundational mathematics development from basic algebra through precalculus. It is the perfect addition to any STEM focused curriculum.

Stemify's mission is to achieve greater equality, diversity and success in STEM for the students of our world.


Taking class notes or conducting research for an assignment? Get your research and writing done faster and better with PowerNotes. 

Highlight and capture content from websites and pdfs, keep everything organized with custom topics, save citation info automatically, take notes on anything and save it all in your PowerNotes project. 

PowerNotes eliminates the need to copy/paste, toggle between tabs, and keep track of sources. Your highlights, annotations, and source citation info is automatically aggregated into a project outline that can be downloaded into various formats - perfect to start writing from or to use as a study guide. Save time, clicks, and aggravation with PowerNotes. 


MovieComm provides legal access to thousands of Hollywood movie clips which are ad free and customizable. The movie clips are perfect for use in coursework, assignments, virtual classrooms, class presentations and more. The MovieComm solution is designed to help educate, inspire and motivate today's learners. If you are an instructor, MovieComm will make your teaching come to life in a short, educational, entertaining, and memorable manner.

 MovieComm is the perfect addition to acting, screenwriting, directing and other film, digital arts, media, and fine and performing arts coursework and can help add authentic, viewable examples of the craftsmanship within the arts for your students. 

MovieComm features a wide selection of iconic and motivational movie clips for you. The movie clips of MovieComm are the perfect tool to engage today's visual and digital focused students in your curriculum, course work, assignments, discussions, the classroom or within online and remote learning platforms like Zoom and more.  

MovieComm is also a great motivational and inspirational messaging and engagement tool outside of its academic use for advisors, athletic coaches, tutors and more.  

Teach Smarter, Not Harder with MovieComm. 

No longer spend countless hours scrolling through YouTube, dealing with ads, or worrying about copyrights issues. 

Capture your student’s attention in class or in a Zoom meeting. Create memorable and impactful e-learning modules. Drive engagement and communicate in a language that resonates with today’s generational needs.

 Perfect for transitional learning environments (in-person, hybrid, or online/virtual).


The simple platform for educators/employers to set up course project based learning (PBL) and experiential curriculum/projects, hackathons, and employer/mentor partnered virtual internships to develop your students' soft skills and workforce experiential skills!

ProjectSet for Higher Education

ProjectSet for Scholastic (K-12)

ProjectSet for Employers