Empowering student success in mathematics/STEM through adaptive instruction, assessment, and analytics.

* Student-first, science-based approach to mathematics and STEM

* Digital content where students want to learn: on their devices

* Machine learning empowers students, instructors, and institutions

* Leveraging SaaS model for affordable pricing

Key Benefits

● Placement & Diagnostic assessments generate student profile and personalized study plan

● Comprehensive digital library supports corequisite and supplemental instruction

● Integrated data analytics for primary and corequisite content

● Simple to use interface for faculty and students

Providing mathematics placement, just in time remediation,

co-requisites, and value-focused courses in Math

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The Stemify Product Suite

Placement &


Assessment based on

concepts, not just score

Answer choices lead to

specific learning


Actionable insights and



Precise identification of

gaps and instruction to


A clear and efficient

learning pathway to meet

student knowledge goals

Interactive video lessons

adapt to students' needs


Comprehensive digital

library for corequisite and

supplemental instruction

Integrated data analytics

for primary and

corequisite content

Flexible configuration &



End to end curriculum for

all foundational math

Ability to create content

and combine with with

Stemify content

Simple interface to create

and deploy assignments

Stemify provides Mathematics Diagnostics, Remediation and Acceleration to Assist with Academic Climb needed due to mathematics student slide from COVID-19

Why Stemify now?

As institutions think about their learning environment plans (whether remote, hybrid or in-person), they know that their mathematics students (especially those coming into their first year college math experience) are potentially facing an unprecedented gap in their recent math education.

Stemify helps institutions diagnose, remediate and accelerate students' learning in mathematics. This diagnosis, remediation, and acceleration is particularly needed now due to the abrupt remote learning environment most mathematics students are experiencing because of the closure of their school buildings (high school students) and campuses (higher education) due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This forced change in the learning environment has caused a learning gap/academic slide which these students may need assistance in overcoming.

Stemify provides this assistance.

Stemify ROI: Aids in STEM Student Retention

As success in foundational college mathematics is essential to retention of students (and especially those with a STEM focus), and given the ever changing learning environment due COVID-19 along with the potential downturn in higher education student enrollments due to the pandemic, provosts and other academic leaders will need to retain as many of their STEM students as possible to help these students not only further their STEM goals, but assist in their institution's overall financial stability.

Stemify can greatly help academic leadership with this.