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Access Alliance for Education partners with MovieComm to enhance organizations' digital communications, meetings, presentations, learning, and more with legally licensed Hollywood movie clips

Innovative solution enables the addition of fully licensed Hollywood movie clips for a multitude of digital uses including everything from email to e-learning, virtual meetings, classes, presentations and more to engage, connect and inspire audiences - a perfect offering within the “new normal” of remote work, learning and communications.

APEX, N.C. August 31, 2020 -- In partnership with MovieComm, Access Alliance for Education (AA4E), is enabling user friendly, legal access to customizable Hollywood movie clips for digital use by organizations globally.

MovieComm’s robust platform enables users to find the right clip for the right situation in seconds, saving users time and money. Users need not worry that they are violating any copyrights as the thousands of MovieComm clips are fully licensed for digital use from the legal copyright holders.

MovieComm’s legally licensed clips enhance the effectiveness of digital communications by bringing the power of the world’s premier storytellers and communicators, the artists of Hollywood, via an easy to use, affordable, subscription solution.

MovieComm exists because today effective communications have never been more important yet harder to accomplish. We live in an age of sound bites, GIFs, and shorter attention spans, where engaging people and delivering impactful messages have become incredibly difficult.

Exceptional communicators, leaders, and instructors understand this and are constantly seeking innovative solutions to cut through the noise of our hectic lives. They want their messages to be heard, felt and reacted to - especially in these times of remote communications, work, and learning.

MovieComm is a creative solution that uses Hollywood movie clips to assist these innovative communicators get their messages across in a quick, entertaining and memorable manner.

The MovieComm solution enables three key aspects within your communications strategy:

  • It saves you time (and money) searching for and crafting your message

  • It eliminates any concerns over copyright infringement and legal use of these great movie moments.

  • It dramatically impacts your results.

Through its unique AI and human curation, the MovieComm application allows a user to search its vast database of thousands of licensed clips using key search criteria such as themes, sentiment, objects in addition to simple search criteria such as specific movie information and/or dialog, saving users hours of work searching for the perfect clip for their needs.

The solution then enables the user to edit the clip to their exact needs, attach a personalized message, call to action or context around the clip and then share it through a multitude of digital delivery options, including mobile.

The MovieComm solution provides a streamlined approach to positively engage, connect and inspire your digital audience. The only restriction to MovieComm’s use is implied endorsements or advertising.

What are some potential use cases for MovieComm content?

  • Send out a Monday morning motivational email to your employees.

  • Load into a powerpoint to have a more engaging presentation or webinar.

  • Capture your students attention with a clip before, during or after class.

  • Text your team before the big game.

  • Create or enhance your blog post or other digital communications.

  • Kickoff a big meeting.

  • Embed a clip as part of your e-learning coursework or training.

  • Reinforce key messages, objectives, goals, etc. within your digital communications.

  • And many, many more!

“MovieComm is proud and excited to partner with Access Alliance for Education,” said Scott DiGiammarino, CEO and Founder of MovieComm. “Our joint mission focuses on helping our clients connect, engage and communicate in a new and innovative way. Together, we believe that we can make a difference in the lives of millions.”

“MovieComm has created a way to utilize movie clips to enhance all sorts of media from blogs, classrooms, board meetings, presentations, or emails.” stated Dan Linville, Partner and Executive Vice President of Access Alliance for Education. “We are excited to offer this unique opportunity to take key message engagement to another level.”

“Engaging and inspiring audiences is a key component of effective communications and is even more important in our “new normal” of remote work, learning and communications” adds John Hillsman, Partner and CEO, “at Access Alliance for Education we strive to partner with innovative solutions such as MovieComm to accelerate better work, learning and communication experiences through the use of technology.”

The MovieComm solution is available on a monthly and annual subscription basis to organizations large and small, including educational institutions, corporations and businesses, non-profit, faith-based and other organizations. Pricing for smaller uses is based on a single creator account and the number of available audience views. Organization, enterprise, and institution wide implementations contain unlimited views and are based on the number of users. The only restriction to its use is implied endorsements or advertising.

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