GHS Esports Solutions Press Release

Access Alliance for Education partners with GHS Esports Solutions to offer Esports curriculum, workshops, and more to High School and Higher Education Institutions

Innovative curriculum will strengthen scholastic esports infrastructure and best practices within academic institutions while creating new opportunities for students and others to grow their esports knowledge.

Apex, N.C. May 25, 2021 -- In partnership with GHS Esports Solutions, Access Alliance for Education (AA4E), continues to grow its rapidly expanding esports curriculum and esports workshops offerings for scholastics esports organizations.

GHS Esports Solutions, a company formed by experienced higher education esports curriculum developers and instructors will co-develop/develop the curriculum. The partnership will focus on expanding Access Alliances for Education esports curriculum and esports workshops offerings for scholastic esports organizations and focus on assisting academic institutions in establishing esports infrastructure, best practices, professional development and more.

“Our goal when starting GHS Esports Solutions LLC was to provide more opportunities to educate and develop individuals looking to enter the esports space. We are extremely eager to partner with Access Alliance for Education because it allows us to take a significant step in accomplishing both of our companies’ missions and we feel that there is a natural synergy within the relationship. Moving forward, we hope that we can develop high quality curriculum and workshops to enrich the scholastic esports experience. We are excited to begin working towards setting the gold standard for esports through this exciting opportunity with a strong and passionate partner.” – GHS Esports Solutions

“We are looking forward to working with GHS Esports Solutions to continue to build our esports curriculum and workshops offerings for academic institutions,” adds Dan Linville, Partner and Executive Vice President of Access Alliance for Education. “The esports industry is growing at light speed, and it is exciting to participate with such strong partners in expanding our curriculum and workshop efforts in esports education.”

“This partnership with GHS Esports Solutions will create curriculum and workshops for academic institutions at all levels to establish and further develop their esports organizations to best serve their students and other stakeholders focusing on the framework of all successful scholastic esports organizations - Club/Community, Curriculum, and Competition,” adds John Hillsman, Partner and CEO, Access Alliance for Education. “We are excited to work with the experienced, innovative, and successful scholastic esports team at GHS Esports Solutions to continue to grow our expanding esports curriculum and workshops library and provide even more opportunities for students and institutions within the rapidly growing scholastic esports market.”

About Access Alliance for Education:

Access Alliance for Education (AA4E) is independent, value-focused, learning and coursework accelerator. We work with instructors, departments, and institutions to accelerate the learning process by partnering with unique content, resource, tool and solution providers. AA4E is a leading developer, publisher and supplier of esports curriculum and courseware, esports workshops and other STEM education solutions.

Currently, AA4E offers over 35 esports career pathway workshops/coursework modules and two full esports courses. We are in development on over 20 esports courses/curriculum for higher education, continuing and professional education, and high schools (CTE).

AA4E is the exclusive and named esports curriculum provider for CSL Esports and features CSL Esports as our named provider for esports business services. CSL Esports is the operator of the largest collegiate esports league.

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About GHS Esports Solutions:

GHS Esports Solutions LLC (GHS) strives to develop and grow the esports industry through high-quality consultation, deliverables, and experience-driven expertise. The company works with entrepreneurs, entities in education, and non-endemic companies looking to enter the esports landscape to help integrate esports into their organizational operations. GHS seeks to educate individuals while providing solutions and support to bolster esports-related ventures.

Historically, GHS has worked on projects that involve the comprehensive development of esports programming. These projects have tasked GHS with creating academic & competitive programming, developing best practices for esports event and facility management, and the formation of esports business ventures. GHS is eager to continue to be a leader in esports consultation and to extend services to educational institutions and businesses, both domestically and internationally.

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