ESP 101

Introduction to Esports

ESP 101 Introduction to Esports:

3 Credit Hours

Course description:

This course is designed to introduce students to esports. Topics will include the history of esports, an overview of the esports industry and how esports is organized, the esports ecosystem, revenue generation, content creation, and careers in esports. Students will gain a broad understanding of the multifaceted landscape of esports and how it operates in contemporary society.

Required materials:

Suggested materials:

  • ePortfolio Access - This resource will be provided during the lessons as additional resources that need the student’s attention

  • Account(Free to sign up on the Twitch site) - Twitch is a platform for students to see the viewership behind gaming in actual time

Learning objectives:

  • Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

    • Describe the history and progression of esports

    • Explain how historical esports events have influenced the current industry

    • Describe the interconnectedness of esports and other industries

    • Define esports and compare them to traditional sports and casual gaming

    • Compare and contrast the various leagues, events, and games within esports

    • Assess the current landscape of esports for players, teams, and organizations

Evaluation/grading (Suggested Assessments):

  • Reflection on the history of esports and where it started

  • League Creation Presentation

  • Midterm/Final Exam

  • 3 Quizzes (Review prior to exams)

  • Participation

  • Experiential Project

Course Schedule:

Weekly Topics

  • Week 1 Course Introduction / Building an ePortfolio

  • Week 2 The History of Esports / Gaming Evolution

  • Week 3 Market Growth / Organizations

  • Week 4 Gaming Industry / Tournaments and Organizers

  • Week 5 Organizations and Development /Roles

  • Week 6 Finance / Interactions with Elite

  • Week 7 Interactions with Grassroots / International Organizations

  • Week 8 Classifications / Global Bodies

  • Week 9 Publishers / Regulatory

  • Week 10 Teams in North America / Globally Based Teams

  • Week 11 Globally Based Teams / Franchises

  • Week 12 Tournaments / Genres

  • Week 13 Career Pathways / Planning for a Career

  • Week 14 Experiential Project