How to Create and Monetize Video Content

Title: NEW MEDIA: How to Create and Monetize Video Content


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"New Media: Content Creation, Distribution and Monetization" literacy matters in a digital social era where 75% of young people want to become brands, influencers, and content creators, and 25% of millennials would quit their day job to be famous.

For media and non-media majors, this book details how to improve your digital identity, become visible to 21st Century employers, and win the job race before you even graduate.

A growing number of young people are scoring six-and-seven-figure paychecks, studio development

deals, A-list Hollywood agents, book and record deals and more because they’ve harnessed the

power of content production, distribution and monetization:

* YouTuber Shamook published The Mandalorian “Deep Fake,” and earned nearly 2 million views for

improving the VFX used to de-age Mark Hamill. It was so good Shamook then landed a new gig with

Lucasfilm and its visual effects division Industrial Light and Magic.

* We Rate Dogs is nothing short of a worldwide phenomenon. High schooler Matt Nelson first joined

Twitter with no intention of creating an e-commerce business. His personal account started gaining

some popularity and the jokes he made were liked by many. Soon a not-so-secret-anymore formula

was born – add a four-legged friend in your tweet and it’ll do well. Monetization was instant and first

orders started rolling in within the first 30 seconds of launching a Shopify store. One day later they

had made 8K in sales. Plus, We Rate Dogs won the 2021 Shorty Award in the coveted animal

category, and has raised $1.3 million dollars for dogs in need.

* Online movie reviewer Chris Stuckmann has signed a deal with Paper Street Pictures (The Pale

Door) to write and direct the mystery horror movie Shelby Oaks, about a group of missing

paranormal investigators. Genre outfit Paper Street has leaped on the fan following for the online

fiction and set Stuckmann — who has close to 2 million YouTube subscribers — to steer the project

creatively in his feature debut. The shorts filmmaker recently signed with Gotham Group and has

multiple horror scripts in the works.

* Actress-writer Awkward Black Girl Issa Rae was working odd jobs and contemplating business

school when her web show went viral. What followed was a Shorty Award, a

development deal with HBO, and representation by United Talent Agency.

* Rejected by traditional media, hip hop violinist Lindsey Stirling found a following via YouTube,

racked up hundreds of millions of views, a deal with Lady Gaga’s manager, a sold-out European

tour, and an album that debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

* Comedian-gamer Felix Kjellberg (aka PewDiePie) launched the most subscribed to YouTube

channel of all time and made millions of dollars for his funny video game commentaries. Not too

shabby for someone who quit college and sold hot dogs to afford to buy his first computer.

Civilians are getting paid to create web video content, while iconic brands like Toyota, Lionsgate, and Red Bull are shelling out big bucks for other people’s videos. What makes those videos better than yours? Or are they?

I mean, making videos is easy, right? Just grab a camera, strap your dog to a skateboard, and point him downhill. YouTube is already full of content like this. How can you go wrong? We’ll tell you how you can go wrong. Unless you want to break your skateboard, cripple your dog,

and get arrested by the SPCA, you are going to need help.

You see, over 600 hours of video get uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s over 80 years of content uploaded each day! If you want your videos to have more impact than say, a ghost, read on. Or weep. In our collective experience as New Media professors, consultants, authors and bloggers, we have identified the steps that lead directly to online video success. This course details those steps. We’re

going to show how to make videos and video series that generate so much excitement, your bodyguard will need a bodyguard.

From brainstorming killer concepts right through to building your personal brand and cashing in on paid production and distribution opportunities, learn how NOT to get lost in the vast wasteland of mediocre content that gets uploaded to YouTube every day.