Introduction to Project Management

(Online Course)

Title: Introduction to Project Management

Course Overview:

Introduction to Project Management


People who are looking for the basics, are new to project management, or lead small project teams.

Level: Foundational

What Will I Learn –

  • Learn how to effectively lead a small project team.

  • Learn how to define the project's desired outcome and scope.

  • Learn how to assign responsibilities to team members and reduce conflicts.

  • Learn how to create a simple project schedule.

  • Learn how to gather and report status and action items.

  • Learn techniques for team-building, collaboration, and communication

Course Outline –

  • Project Management Overview

  • Scope the Project

  • Define Roles & Responsibilities

  • Set the Schedule

  • Assess Status & Progress

About the Course –

This course covers the key activities of the project management process – identifying stakeholders, scoping the project, assigning roles and responsibilities, creating a simple schedule, and assessing project health. Invite project managers, team leaders, and team members to start building a culture around project management in your organization.

Delivery Options:

On-Site (1 day), Virtual Classroom (Four 2-hour live sessions), Hybrid (Four weeks)

Pricing Options:

This course price is set at $150.00 per student

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