Project Management for Team Members

(Online Course)

Title: Project Management for Team Members

Product Overview:

There are many courses on how to be a project manager, but there aren’t many courses on how to be an effective project team member. People are not typically trained on how to be an effective project team member, not setting them (or the project) up to be successful. Project Management for Team Members – created by a practicing project manager – is intended to fill this gap. It contains the information project team members need to interact with the project manager and to work together as participants in the project management process.

Project team members have an important role in helping to drive the project to success, contributing to the organizations’ desired outcomes and goals. They need to deliver their assigned tasks by the specified dates, share progress information, and collaborate with other team members. They need to participate in project planning activities, help manage project scope, and identify and escalate action items. They need to communicate effectively with the project manager, pushing information in a timely manner.

This online course provides the project management skills needed to be a proactive team member: understanding the desired outcome of the project, prioritizing work appropriately, understanding the nuances of the project plans, and being a more effective problem-solver. The course provides best practices and techniques for the project team member to:

      • Provide input to the project schedule.

      • Articulate potential conflicts between assigned project tasks and other responsibilities.

      • Estimate work.

      • Assess and communicate the progress of work.

      • Escalate action items and respond to change requests.

      • Solve problems, collaborate, and communicate effectively with fellow team members.

Project Management for Team Members is intended for the:

      • Person new to working on projects who wants to understand their role as project team member,

      • Project team member who wants to be more effective at fulfilling their responsibilities,

      • Project manager who wants to improve how they interact with their team members.

Project Management for Team Members can also be used in a college course to provide students the skills they need to be an effective team member when they are completing group activities, capstone projects, or preparing for an internship.

How is the Course Completed?

Project Management for Team Members is a 3 ½-hour online course. It is structured around the phases of the project management process, and includes these topics:

      • Course Introduction

      • Project Management Overview

      • Participating in Scoping

      • Participating in Planning

      • Completing Project Assignments

      • Closing Out Your Time on the Project

      • Course Conclusion

Content is provided through video and audio lectures, readings, case study activities, and discussions. Learning is reinforced through case study activities, knowledge checks, and online discussions with other participants. Our instructors, who are expert project managers and teachers, facilitate the online discussions, respond to participants’ questions, and share their real-world experiences throughout the course.

Project Management for Team Members can be completed by an individual at their own pace, by each team member as part of a project kick-off phase, or in a cohort as part of a general employee onboarding or development program. It can also be integrated into a college course to supplement other course materials and assignments.


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