Project Management from Start to Finish

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Title: Project Management from Start to Finish (eBook Only)


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ISBN: 978-1-68564-949-4

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Product Overview:

Project Management From Start to Finish describes a practical, scalable, holistic, and team-focused approach to project management. It describes the thought process involved in managing a project, focusing on the questions that should be asked to ensure that the right work is being done by the right people at the right time. The activities and deliverables of the project manager are detailed from a practice-based, not theory-based, perspective. Guidance is provided for tailoring the process to ensure the project manager is always adding value to the project, not administrative overhead. The principles and techniques can be used by project managers of all size projects and complexities and using various delivery methods. Written by an experienced project management consultant, this book balances the mechanics of project management with the strategic and leadership skills needed to manage projects in today's complex environments. Best practices, examples from real projects, and downloads to a set of integrated templates make this book a useful reference.

This book provides the project management skills needed to be an effective project manager: articulating the desired outcome of the project, establishing the project’s priorities, creating useful and usable project plans, building a strong team, and delivering the expected business value. The book provides best practices and techniques for the project manager to:

      • Articulate and deliver the desired business value.

      • Identify the appropriate stakeholders and engage them in an effective governance structure.

      • Complete an integrated set of deliverables-based project plans – resources, scope, schedule, budget, risks, communications.

      • Assign and communicate roles and responsibilities, and gain consensus and commitment from team members.

      • Gather, assess and communicate the status and health of the project.

      • Respond effectively to changes in the project, resolving and escalating appropriately.

      • Build, foster, and motivate a strong project team.

      • Influence and lead without formal authority.

Project Management from Start to Finish is intended for the:

      • Person new to project management looking to understand the process, responsibilities, and critical techniques,

      • Experienced project manager looking to refresh and enhance their skills to be more effective at fulfilling their responsibilities, and

      • Project sponsor who wants to improve how they interact with their project manager.

The book can be read by an individual at their own pace, used as a reference book, or used in a Project Management Office to improve the organization’s capabilities.

Project Management from Start to Finish can also be used in a college course to provide students the skills they need to be an effective project manager when they are building their professional skills, managing projects as part of their coursework, or preparing for an internship.

This digital book presents content through readings, videos, and podcasts, and reinforces the learnings through self-checks and self-reflections. Templates for common project team member activities are available via download.

Sections include:

      • Introduction

      • Welcome to the Project

      • Understand the “Why” of the Project

      • Define the “How” of the Project

      • Make Sure It All Happens

      • Wrap It Up

      • Conclusion

      • Appendices: Glossary and Templates