College Algebra Video eBook

Title: College Algebra Video eBook

Author: Jay Abramson


Vital Source Bookshelf

ISBN: AA4E20197494JA

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Course Overview:

We feel a Video eBook is an upgrade to the traditional eBook. It replaces text-heavy pdfs with videos that educate the audience on a specific topic. Video eBooks are a more interactive way to share content and connect with your audience on a personal level.

This is a comprehensive college algebra course, made to be entirely available to the student on video. It was designed to be all-inclusive, with complete college algebra coverage for all of the topics that a student could possibly study in any college algebra course. This set of videos could act as a standalone course or complement any mainstream college algebra text.

In this course, there are two types of videos: lecture videos and example videos. The course is Learning Objective (LO) driven, as each video address a specific learning objective. Laid out by an easy to follow Chapter, Section and Learning Objective (LO) format, each video covers a particular learning objective. Just navigate to what you are searching for and watch. It is that simple.

The 204 college algebra lecture videos are unique, with an experienced teacher of 38 years presenting a lecture to one or two students, who are actively asking and answering questions, just as you would experience in any classroom. The lecture videos are direct; they cover the concepts and examples found in the LO addressed.

The 236 college algebra example videos are also unique, with the typical examples you would encounter in a college algebra course clearly presented. These videos are short and straight forward, deliberately intended to address to the essence or heart of the targeted LO.

Both the lecture and example videos use color coding on graphs of sines and cosines functions to make it easy for the student to make connections and see the necessary relationships.

Our College Algebra videos have the student in mind at all times, providing complete College Algebra support for all topics that you could possibly cover in any College Algebra course, be it high school, community college, university, regents or ACT exam.

In the co-requisites chapter, there are an additional 13 lecture videos and 100 examples videos dedicated to provide coverage of the co-requisites a student needs in order to be successful in college algebra.

Learn by watching and following along.

By using the Learning Objectives (LO), this Video eBook can be aligned with all textbooks as a reading resource.

All of the video lessons are taught by Jay Abramson, with 38 years of teaching experience, who has earned 4 Teacher of the Year Awards at three different universities/colleges.