What Is Your Sports Organization's Fan Continuity Plan?

Whether you are a professional or college league, conference, team, player or organization, the suspension of scheduled live athletic games and events due to the coronavirus means you need to rethink how you will engage your fans during this disruption of a continuous stream of live content.

Rali’s unique content and engagement measurement solution can help you with this.

Rali transforms online interactivity and engagement by inviting users into an asynchronous interactive social group experience around content and enables meaningful and actionable measurements around their engagement, influence, mood/sentiment and moderation/facilitation with this content.

With Rali, sports leagues, conferences, and teams and more can replay video, audio and other content and share it online globally with fans, rivals and others as a way to keep their audiences and fans engaged while no games are being played.

Rali’s unique and patented player technology enables real-time commenting (via text, video, audio) within these sports content replays enabling fans, rivals and others to continue deeply engaging with the action and each other and turning the typical one-way broadcast of this content into an interactive and ongoing group conversation.

This asynchronous interactive process spans the gathering, distance, time and travel barriers that have become the leading obstacles during this suspension of play due to COVID-19.

Within this process Rali also gathers fan/viewer data and provides patented insights into fans’ engagement, influence, sentiment, and more for the media rights holders.

In addition, Rali provides these leagues, conferences, and team media rights holders with calls to actions (discussions, links, highlights, polls, and more) and opportunities to feature their existing (and new!) advertising, sponsorships, and promotional partners within the content.

Some of the ways to use Rali’s technology to engage your fans might be:

  • Countdown the greatest plays, games, athletes of the last year or all time for your league, conference, team, etc.
  • Have fans select the greatest plays, players, games etc. for your league conference, team, etc.
  • Have current player(s) moderate or comment on past games, highlights, interviews, etc. along with fans, rivals, etc.
  • Run a poll for fans to comment and select the best game, play, player, team, or highlight of the last season or all-time

In each of these examples, Rali’s online technology has a tremendous ability to contribute to the creation, accessible anytime on-demand delivery, and measurement of this new content for leagues, conferences, teams, players and media rights holders in order to keep their fans and viewers engaged during these suspensions of play.

Rali is proud to be part of these media/fan continuity plans, helping to keep sports up and running virtually during this critical period. To learn more please contact me at john.hillsman@getrali.com or contact us.