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Access Alliance for Education releases a series of high school esports workshops developed by esports subject matter experts Esports Development and Growth Enterprise (EDGE)

Experiencing Esports™ workshops enable learners to improvetheir knowledge, skills and experience in esports and provide an understanding of esports career pathways within their standard high school academic and career/technology education.
June 14, 2022 – In partnership with Esports Development and Growth Enterprise(EDGE), a scholastic esports consulting firm, Access Alliance for Education (AA4E), aleading developer, publisher and supplier of esports curriculum, esports workshops, andesports programming has released a series of esports workshops under theExperiencing Esports™ banner:
■ Introduction to Esports■ The History of Esports■ Introduction to Careers in Esports■ Global Presence of Esports■ Esports in Education■ Esports Events Management■ Information and Technology■ Business/Revenue Generation in Esports■ Communication and Digital Media in Esports■ Content Creation 101
Each of these workshops engages directly with existing high school academic subjectsand career pathways skills within Career and Technology Education (CTE) careerclusters. These Experiencing Esports™ high school workshops are supplementalmaterials that instructors can use and schedule within their existing standard academicand career/technology education. These workshops vary in length based on how eachinstructor chooses to use them within their standard academic and career/technologyeducation schedules. Learners can take an additional assessment to earn digitalbadges reflecting their understanding of the esports educational content within theworkshops.
In addition, these workshops can also serve a complimentary programming/activitiesaround and within high school esports events, showcases, and/or tournaments. Theseworkshops can also provide additional esports educational content within esports clubs,esports organizations, and/or esports team meetings and events.
All of the workshops contain activities, discussion questions, andprojects/implementations that instructors can use or assign to learners in addition to thestudent facing resources. A quiz is the final assessment of the knowledge of eachworkshop, and if passed with a grade of 70 percent (70%) or higher out of one hundredpercent (100%), the learner will earn a digital badge.
Each workshop contains a Student eResource with a slide deck, video(s) and access toa digital badge quiz, as well as additional engagement materials for discussion,assignments, and follow on projects/activities within an Instructor Guide.These Experiencing Esports™ high school workshops were developed in partnershipbetween AA4E and esports subject matter experts EDGE, a leading scholastic esportsconsulting firm founded in 2019 by Dr. Joey Gawrysiak, Zachary Harrington, andChristopher Scroggins. The trio met while working to build the excellent ShenandoahUniversity Esports Program, where they collaborated to write the esports academiccurriculum, design the Esports Arena, formulate an esports advisory board, and developcollegiate student organizations to complement the academic and competitive teams atthe university.
“Since we founded EDGE, our goal has been to develop and grow the knowledge andskills of learners, educators, and practitioners through esports materials,'' said ChrisScroggins, CEO and Co-founder of EDGE. “The interdisciplinary and engaging contentin the Experiencing Esports workshops helps provide participants a betterunderstanding of esports, while also providing valuable information that can be appliedin future academic opportunities and across a variety of careers. We are excited tobegin the distribution of esports educational content through our tremendous partnersover at Access Alliance for Education, and look forward to continuing to providemeaningful content for learners and educators for years to come.”
“As a leading developer, publisher and supplier of esports curriculum, esportsworkshops, esports program development and STE(A)M education solutions, allowingstudents to take their passion for esports into standard academic disciplines andcareer/technology education is central to our mission as a coursework accelerator,” saidDan Linville, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President at AA4E. “We look to partnerwith the best esports subject matter experts from both a competitive and academicsense to provide the fullest and richest esports workshop experience under ourExperiencing Esports™ banner and EDGE supplies that and more. We are excited topartner with EDGE on other esports content, programming and projects in the future.”These workshops are available for bulk purchase to provide to a group of students.These workshops provide the resources defined below and the digital badge quizzesare delivered on our AA4E Moodle Learning Management System.
Included in the purchase of the workshops are the following:Individual Student Access Codes: Individual student access codes for each of yourstudents. Student Access Codes allow thirty (30) day access to the student eResource(Slide Deck, Video(s), and access to the Digital Badge Quiz) for each of your individualstudents. The thirty (30) day access begins when the student redeems the code.Instructor Access Code: One (1) Instructor Code per order. Your instructor allows sixty(60) day access to the Instructor Guide containing the Student eResource (Slide Deckand Video(s)) as well as additional engagement materials for discussion, assignmentsand follow on projects/activities. This sixty (60) day Instructor access begins when theInstructor redeems the access code.
Bulk pricing begins at $70.00 per student and further discounts are applied according topricing tiers based on the number of students within a single order.
For more information or to order, please visit our AA4E high school workshops webpage or contact us for more information at sales@accessalliance.education.
About Access Alliance for Education:Access Alliance for Education (AA4E) is an independent, value-focused courseworkaccelerator. AA4E works with instructors, departments, and institutions to bringindependently authored, value-focused course related texts, materials, videos,resources and solutions to improve the learning process for students and institutionsglobally.
Access Alliance for Education is leading developer, publisher and supplier of esportscurriculum, esports workshops, esports program development/consulting and STE(A)Meducation solutions.
All of our independent authors and content, coursework, assessments, and solutionsproviders (instructors, departments and institutions) retain all their owncopyrights/ownership to their content and solutions.
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About Esports Development and Growth Enterprise (EDGE):
EDGE consulting company was founded at the end of 2019 to assist academicinstitutions who were implementing esports programs. EDGE develops and grows theesports industry through high-quality consultation, deliverables, and experience-drivenexpertise. The company works with entrepreneurs, entities in education, andnon-endemic companies looking to enter the esports landscape to help integrateesports into their organizational operations. EDGE educates individuals while providingsolutions and support to bolster esports-related ventures. Historically, EDGE hasworked on projects that involve the comprehensive development of esportsprogramming. These projects have tasked EDGE with creating academic & competitiveprogramming, developing best practices for esports event and facility management, andthe formation of esports business ventures.
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