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Access Alliance for Education partners with Edmodo to offer their global education network and learning platform to K-12 (schools, districts and state education offices), Higher Education institutions, and beyond

An all-in-one solution for distance and online learning, Edmodo is built with blended learning in mind and is perfect for institutions looking for a synchronous and asynchronous solution in response to COVID-19

APEX, N.C. August 27, 2020 -- In partnership with Edmodo, Access Alliance for Education (AA4E), is offering Edmodo's virtual learning platform to K-12 schools, districts, state offices of education, and higher education institutions; as well as professional learning communities, associations, certifications, trainers and other organizations. Edmodo provides these institutions and organizations with powerful communication and collaboration tools that are built for scale.

Designed to function like a social network, the Edmodo platform enables group conversations and threaded discussions, in addition to classroom tools and a robust content resource library. Stakeholders choose Edmodo for its ease of use and multifunctional that can be tailored to students, parents (K-12) and teachers for both in-class or distance learning. Educators also have access to powerful remote teaching functionality via a robust mobile app.

Edmodo is an all-in-one solution for all learning environments and is the only platform to provide educators with a virtual community for professional networking and peer learning. For institutions, Edmodo is a communications and collaboration platform with LMS capabilities. For education professionals, Edmodo is an online learning platform that gives educators the tools to share engaging lessons, keep students (and parents) updated, connect with other educators, and build a vibrant classroom community.

Enabling rapid response in our current ever-changing times, Edmodo helps education leaders’ transition between distance, remote, or a hybrid of both. Institutions can use Edmodo for enterprise-wide communications to all stakeholders to prepare for or respond to COVID-19 related situations such as school closures and changes in learning schedules and models.

Since its launch in 2008, Edmodo has been helping more than 125 million learners worldwide connect to their community and access over 700 million resources, from anywhere at any time. Among its most recent partnerships are The Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) and the Ministry of Education for Egypt.

“We are really excited to partner with Access Alliance for Education”, stated Sumant Yerramilly, General Manager of Enterprise for Edmodo, “Their experience, knowledge and reach within the education market will help us accelerate the outreach of our enterprise offering, especially within these unprecedented times for distance learning.”

“The opportunity to partner with Edmodo at this time when remote learning, distance communication and collaboration is the new normal is very exciting for us,” adds Dan Linville, Partner and Executive Vice President of Access Alliance for Education. “The ability for Edmodo to continue deploying as an easy to use platform for teachers, students and administrators to share and engage for an exceptional value is core to the mission of our company.”

“Edmodo brings an outstanding, flexible, user friendly and highly-valued learning, communications and collaboration platform to education institutions and those within the professional learning community seeking models that will thrive in the “new normal” adds John Hillsman, Partner and CEO. “At Access Alliance for Education we seek unique, value-focused, solution providers such as Edmodo that help accelerate the learning process in these current flexible environments.”

Edmodo’s platform is available on an annual license subscription basis. Pricing is based on the number of users accessing the solution.

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