EdBenefits Press Release July 15, 2019

Press Release

getUSready announces EdBenefit™ Corporate, enabling access to education as an affordable employee benefit

EdBenefit™ Corporate changes access to education for corporations, their employees and their employees’ families

Apex, NC July 15, 2019 – getUSready, a 501c3 non-profit announced today the launch of EdBenefit™ Corporate, an employee benefit that corporations can purchase on behalf of their employees. EdBenefit™ gives the employee and their children/immediate family access to standards-aligned, comprehensive curriculum for K-12 and test preparation content with an easy to use personalized learning platform.

EdBenefit™ Corporate is made possible via a recent partnership between getUSready and eTAP Incorporated, another 501c3 non-profit. eTAP created the educational content and personalized learning platform.

This comprehensive library grants learners 24x7x365 access to standards-aligned science, math, language arts and social studies content for grades kindergarten through high school. It also includes test preparation courses for the GED (high school), ACT, SAT, IELTS (college entrance), and ASVAB (armed services and vocational battery).

The content is available over the Internet and contains over 6,000 pages of instruction, 15,000 links to videos and images and upwards of 30,000 assessment questions. Courses contain a pre-assessment and post assessment and are aligned to Common Core State Standards, Texas State Standards and others.

In addition, the Personalized Learning Platform (PLP) includes user-friendly search via grade level, subject, and course/lesson/concepts, progress reports, tests/exams results and transcripts for parents to view. The PLP also includes a language translator with over 100 languages, and includes readers and text to speech tools to assist learners.

EdBenefit™ Corporate benefits for companies include:

  • Enables a strong corporate commitment to education
  • Illustrates a strong corporate commitment to their future workforce
  • Distinguishes your corporate benefits program from other corporate programs in an innovative and unique way

“We often hear about partnerships between employers and higher education, but what about affordable programs for employees and their non-college younger family members?” stated Dan Linville, Executive Director of getUSready.org. “With EdBenefit™ Corporate, we are hoping to improve access to strong K-12 and test preparation educational content for these employees and their families.”

Linville added, “This program aligns perfectly with our mission of strengthening our future workforce through education and allows corporations to become an integral force in contributing to educational initiatives within their local communities.”

“We are thrilled to partner with an organization such as getUSready.org to offer the EdBenefit™ Corporate employee benefit to companies, their employees and their families,” said Blaise Subbiondo, President of eTAP.org. “We know we must make strong educational content accessible and affordable to as many families as we can. Having corporations show the importance of education by delivering this valuable benefit to their employees and their families will help accelerate this effort. Our hope is that as many corporations as possible will purchase this as a benefit to increase the success of their employees and their families.”

The pricing for an annual EdBenefit™ Corporate license begins at $24.00 per employee (including their entire family) and there is a tiered discount program for larger numbers of employees. In addition, within this tiered discount program and as part of our non-profit mission, getUSready.org will also donate additional EdBenefit™ Corporate licenses equal to between 5% and 30% of the total licenses purchased. This allows corporations to donate to other organizations in their community to benefit additional families.

About getUSready:

getUSready is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to strengthening our future workforce through education. Our goal is the formation of community-wide, collective impact educational initiatives to provide the necessary skills for our future workforce. You can learn more about getUSready at https://www.getusready.org/

About eTAP Incorporated:

www.eTAP.org was started in 2000 and has developed one of the most comprehensive k-12 education websites. The authors of the content include teachers with 10 years teaching experience plus an advanced degree in the subject they have written. eTAP personalized learning has increased the success in schools for all students, including ELL and at risk students.


Media contact:

John Hillsman, getUSready.org