FREE Collegiate Video Workshops

These FREE esports video workshops help learners improve their knowledge, skills and experiences in esports and provide an understanding of esports career pathways within their standard academic collegiate coursework. They are intentionally built to be used within existing higher education academic coursework. These video workshops vary in length based on how each instructor wants to use them within their courses. Learners can pay for and take an additional assessment to earn digital badges reflecting their understanding of the educational content within the video workshops.

In addition, the video workshops can also serve as complimentary programming/content/activities around and within collegiate esports events, showcases, and/or tournaments. They can also provide additional educational video content and programming within higher education esports clubs, esports organizations, or esports team meetings and events.

All FREE workshops are video content only.

Introduction to Esports

This FREE video workshop delivers an overview and understanding of the esports industry and its various aspects. Providing a clear and concise overview to the industry in North America as well as a global industry, this workshop will allow learners to gain an overall perspective to the industry. Furthermore, the video workshop will touch on various other aspects such as the definition of esports, organizations and key stakeholders that are involved in esports, and industry trends.

History of Esports

This FREE video workshop provides a historical review of the esports industry from its humble beginnings to its current exploding global infrastructure. Focusing on key milestones and innovations within the industry, this video workshop will provide a look at the key moments, companies and individuals games which have impacted its growth and evolution.

Introduction to Careers in Esports

This FREE video workshop provides an overview of the different roles and careers pathways available within in the esports industry. Focusing on the wide breadth of career pathways within esports, this video workshop will provide a look at the overall esports industry career trends and outline key roles and career opportunities. Within the video workshop, participants will develop a better understanding of some of the most prominent career pathways in esports, how to prepare for a career in esports, and where to search for esports-specific positions.

Global Presence of Esports

This FREE video workshop provides a general overview of the global landscape of esports. Focusing on the global presence of esports, this video workshop will touch on competition, revenue generation, organizational management, and other areas of the esports ecosystem around the world.

Esports in Education

This FREE video workshop discusses the presence of esports in education as it relates to academic, competitive, and professional development opportunities at higher education levels. Esports educational opportunities are applied to pertinent concepts such as community, competition, and career aspirations.

Esports Events Management

This FREE video workshop provides a general overview of esports event management. General event management aspects will be discussed, as well as esports specific content for what makes esports events unique. This video workshop will focus on areas of event management as they relate to esports event structure, marketing, broadcast production, contingency plans, and facility management.

Information & Technology in Esports

This FREE video workshop outlines the different hardware and technology used within the esports industry. Concepts such as the basics of networking, key hardware for PC's and consoles, and the use of data in esports will be covered. Additionally, the video workshop will provide a brief overview of some of the emerging technology relevant to gaming and esports.

Business/Revenue Generation in Esports

This FREE video workshop discusses how esports operates as a business. Focusing on business management concepts such as esports revenue generation, marketing, organizational operation, and team management, this video workshop provides insights into how esports operates as a commercial entity in the entertainment industry.

Communications & Digital Media in Esports

This FREE video workshop provides a general overview of communication and digital media within the esports industry. Within the overview the best practices of esports communication, digital media, and broadcast will be covered. Additionally, different digital media and live streaming platforms will be identified and explained.

Content Creation 101

This FREE video workshop discusses the basics and best practices of content creation within esports. Focusing on topics such as live streaming platforms, editing software, and how to best utilize content once it is created, this video workshop will provide insight into how to create and leverage content within the esports industry. Additionally, revenue generation and monetization of content will be discussed.

These FREE collegiate video workshops were developed in a partnerships between us at Access Alliance for Education, a leading developer, publisher and supplier of esports curriculum, esports career/other workshops, esports development/consulting and STE(A)M education solutions, and subject matter experts, Esports Development and Growth Enterprises (EDGE), a leading scholastic esports consulting firm founded in 2019 by Dr. Joey Gawrysiak, Zachary Harrington, and Christopher Scroggins.

The trio met while working to build the excellent Shenandoah University Esports Program, where they collaborated to write the esports academic curriculum, design the Esports Arena, formulate an esports advisory board, and develop leading collegiate student organizations to complement the academic and competitive teams at the university.