FREE Collegiate Video Workshops

These FREE esports video workshops help learners improve their knowledge, skills and experiences in esports and provide an understanding of esports career pathways within their standard academic collegiate coursework. They are intentionally built to be used within existing higher education academic coursework. These video workshops vary in length based on how each instructor wants to use them within their courses. 

In addition, the video workshops can also serve as complimentary programming/content/activities around and within collegiate esports events, showcases, and/or tournaments. They can also provide additional educational video content and programming within higher education esports clubs, esports organizations, or esports team meetings and events.

All FREE workshops are video content only.

These FREE collegiate video workshops were developed in a partnerships between us at Access Alliance for Education, a leading developer, publisher and supplier of esports curriculum, esports career/other workshops, esports development/consulting and STE(A)M education solutions, and subject matter experts, Esports Development and Growth Enterprises (EDGE), a leading scholastic esports consulting firm founded in 2019 by Dr. Joey Gawrysiak, Zachary Harrington, and Christopher Scroggins.

The trio met while working to build the excellent Shenandoah University Esports Program, where they collaborated to write the esports academic curriculum, design the Esports Arena, formulate an esports advisory board, and develop leading collegiate student organizations to complement the academic and competitive teams at the university.