Complete Collegiate Esports Programming Package

The Complete Collegiate Esports Programming Package consists of ten introductory and career pathways focused esports workshops and an entire five-day esports camp schedule of programming. The Complete Collegiate Esports Programming Package was developed to enable institutions to run an unlimited number of esports workshops and host an unlimited number of esports camps for their own students and other esports organizations and individuals in their surrounding communities (high schools, junior high schools, middle schools, and the general public).

The goal of the Complete Collegiate Esports Programming Package is to enable colleges’ and universities’ esports, clubs, teams and departments to put on these workshops and camps year-round and generate internal revenue streams to help support and fund the growth of their institution’s esports programs.

The Complete Collegiate Esports Programming Package includes:

Collegiate esports programs investing in the annual license for the Complete Collegiate Esports Programming Package can make available to their students and their surrounding communities the following asynchronous esports workshops:

  • Introduction to Esports

  • The History of Esports

  • Introduction to Careers in Esports

  • Global Presence of Esports

  • Esports in Education

  • Esports Events Management

  • Information and Technology

  • Business/Revenue Generation in Esports

  • Communication and Digital Media in Esports

  • Content Creation 101

Each of these workshops engages directly with existing academic subjects and career pathways skills and can be accessed by the institution's own students, as well as high school students and the general public in the campus’ surrounding communities.

For an additional per learner fee of $25.00, any workshop learner can take an additional online assessment directly from Access Alliance for Education (AA4E) to earn digital badges reflecting their understanding of the esports educational content within the workshops.

These esports workshops can also serve as complimentary programming/activities around and within university esports club and team events, showcases, and/or tournaments. These workshops can also provide additional esports educational content within esports clubs, esports organizations, and/or esports team meetings and events.

In addition, the esports camp programming contained in the Complete Collegiate Esports Programming Package will enable college and university esports organizations to host multiple esports camps throughout the year, including during the college/university summer break, over campus holiday breaks, and more.

The camp's programming is designed to provide all of the necessary resources to deliver a five-day esports camp experience with unique lesson plans each day and culminating in an esports event run by the campers. The camp is flexible and can fit into any esports programming slot that the institution sees fit, such as week-long summer camps, school holiday camps, and as on-going afterschool programming. Daily camp structure, camp length, activities, and lesson plans order can be modified by the subscribing organization/institution to fit their unique programming needs.

Camp packages resources include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Camp Package Overview with suggested resources, scheduling, programming, activities, and icebreakers

  • Daily Lesson Plans

    • How to Train

    • Team Culture, Leadership, and Communication

    • Esports Performance and Wellness

    • Esports Hospitality, Facility, and Event Management

  • Camp Staffing Resource Guide

  • Camp Discord Server Setup Guide and Template

  • Media Release Consent Form

  • Camp Marketing Suggestions

  • Event Planning and Management Guide

  • OBS Studio Setup and Walkthrough

  • OBS Studio Overlay Package

  • Run-of-Show Template

  • And more!

Complete Collegiate Esports Programming Package

Annual Subscription Fee: $8,000.00

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