Applied Linear Algebra

Title: Applied Linear Algebra

Course Overview:

The notes presented here are my lecture notes based upon the course as taught at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Practice Questions attached to the notes represent a full suite of skill building questions appropriate to any course on linear algebra. These questions are skill building rather than concept oriented. In this sense the notes and questions are an excellent supplement to any text on linear algebra.

The chapters and sections here represent how I teach this course. I have arranged the topics and subtopics to my liking. In the Chapter Summary, I have aligned my notes to Strang’s text for those using my notes and questions as a supplement to this book.

The questions in the Practice Suite are highly randomized and many are multi-step in style to serve as learning tools. The title of each question includes instructor information that should help in question selection (rank of matrices, number of pivots, etc.). There are three versions of each question (A,B and C) and an instructor can assign a single question multiple times simply by using the three versions in the same assignment as needed, and each would have a different randomization.



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