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Access Alliance for Education (AA4E) is a coursework accelerator. We work with instructors, departments and institutions to help accelerate the learning process by partnering with unique content, resource, tool and solution providers.

Access Alliance for Education is helping in the transition to online due to the coronavirus crisis (COVID-19). Several of our solutions and eBooks are contributed resources featured within the White House/SIIA partnership Tech for, a web-based platform offering students, parents, educators, and the workforce trusted tools supporting online learning.

Access Alliance for Education is proud to announce we now offer the National Student Clearinghouse's Survey by AcademicPerks solution

November 4, 2020 - Access Alliance for Education is proud to announce that we now offer the National Student Clearinghouse’s Survey by AcademicPerks solution. This solution enables marketers, researchers, recruiters, pollsters, publications, websites and other stakeholders to gain insights into the current college student market (with its over $550 billion in annual spending power) by surveying these college students in either a verified (using the same data that employers use for background checks) or unverified fashion. This solution is especially beneficial in the “new normal” of limited campus access and remote learning environments.

To learn more please visit: or contact us.

Dana Center to Offer Low-Cost Postsecondary Mathematics Courses in Collaboration with Access Alliance for Education

We are excited to collaborate with Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin to bring their innovative higher ed math curriculum to instructors and students (via our partnership with Mentoring Minds' Quaero solution) at a lower cost than ever before.

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Why Value-Focused?

Since 2006, the cost of textbooks has increased by 73 percent ¹—or more than 4X the rate of inflation—with the cost of a single book between $200 and $400.

The College Board recommends students budget about $1200 per year for textbooks and supplies.

As a consequence, 65% of students opt to go without textbooks due to the high cost.² Of those, 94% were concerned that their decision not to buy the book would affect their grades.²

Source: ¹Covering the Cost, Student PIRGs; ²US Public Interest Research Group

The safety and well-being of our employees and customers is our top priority as we are actively monitoring the emergence of COVID-19. Following guidance from the CDC, we are taking appropriate precautions to maintain a safe environment and continue to provide service to our customers. Please contact our support at (919) 414-4229 for more information.