Entrepreneurship in Esports – North America Student Edition

Title: Entrepreneurship in Esports – North America Student Edition

Contributing Authors: George Cork, Eric Segovis, Joshua Gridley, Rasheedat Yahaya, and Sarah Nguyen.

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This book is focused on the theory but also implementation required in setting up a company in, not only the esports industry, but in any industry. Providing a clear and concise understanding to what is required, some steps that should be taken into consideration, as well as how to actually put your concept into action. We guide you through the creation of a business plan with the relevant data and all of the key aspects within creating your new project. We prepare you so that you’ll be ready to go out there for yourself and introduce your ground-breaking idea to the world! George Cork - Esports Instructor Mount Royal University, Eric Segovis - Testing Coordinator Forney ISD, Joshua Gridley - UTA Esports Vice President, Rasheedat Yahaya - Qualified UK Teacher and Sarah Nguyen - CMO United States Esports Association


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