EsportsAcademics, a company formed by experienced esports industry experts and curriculum developers will develop the curriculum.

Odigia’s innovative platform provides an immersive teaching and learning experience with tools designed to drive engagement and collaboration.

Simplified analytics measure performance, while pinpointing learning gaps to improve retention and success.

Fully accessible, multimedia-rich online textbooks.

eTextink delivers textbooks and other classroom materials with multimedia, notes, and assignments embedded directly in context. Instructors can add original or existing materials easily, and students can save 40-75% versus traditional books. Anyone with an up-to-date web browser can access eTextink content from any computer or mobile device, regardless of their visual abilities.

Mentoring Minds is a comprehensive online software platform that meets the curriculum, instruction, assessment, and reporting needs of K-12 districts and higher education instructors, departments, and institutions.

VitalSource is a development platform for authors of digital materials with a vast reach to higher ed institutions. Though our partnership we provide these tools to instructors, departments, institutions, organizations and other content creators to enhance their existing content or create new, customized, value focused, digital-first products.